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Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth

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Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth
By Hal Lindsey

If you're ever given the opportunity to read this book, please pass. It

was foisted on me while I was in high school in the 90's by a Bible-thumping, fire-and-

brimstone-preaching, but well-meaning, regular customer at my dad's restaurant. (He once

warned that my parents were going to hell because hanging in their establishment was,

among other art, a beautiful dream-catcher crafted by one of the local Natives. My mom,

with her polished customer-service skills, smiled politely and poured him some more iced

I took the book home and devoured it, contemplating the grave ramifications of what it

proclaimed. Namely, that any moment now there will occur the "Rapture," a term coined by

Protestants and mentioned nowhere in the Bible but so prevalent it's now generally

accepted as doctrine. Then, Satan and his cronies are going to throw the biggest block

party in the history of creation, running amok and terrorizing the remaining unbelievers.

Yet not even his demonic monstrosities will top the titanic terrorism of the Almighty

Himself (also known as ... wait, lemme see here ...our loving Heavenly Father?), whose

wrath is replete with pyrotechnics and plagues -- all to unfold before the millennium

It all reads with a preachiness thick enough to trigger a gag reflex. Reading it had a

profoundly negative -- but thank God temporary -- impact on my view of the world, and made

a kind of impression on my young and gullible mind such that it triggered a sort of

existential malaise. As I write this review, I am twice the age I was when I read the book

and to this day I wish I'd never opened it.

-- Jodi Arias

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